I’m Pregnant / it will be ok

You know it will be ok. It doesn’t look like it right now but it will be ok. In order for there to be a testimony, there has to be a test. In order to have a rainbow you had to have a storm, it’s just the laws of life. I’ve spent the last 4 months finding out I’m pregnant against all odds and spending it in and out of the hospital. It hasn’t been fun or easy but in order to share this testimony that I carry a child when doctors said I wouldn’t, its worth it. 

I had sex with trouble. We knew I shouldn’t have let trouble back in my house much less my bed but I did. Then I open the other floodgates and here I am pregnant. 

( side note it’s not troubles baby. There is a long story about the paternity of this child that I’ll share after the legalish is over ) 

In the beginning, I use to feel disappointed in me because my first child is something I wanted to share with my husband. But I quickly had to get out of that mindset because I was blessed to be able to carry this child. 

Let me break it down for you. Before I got pregnant I had endometriosis, PCOS and what i thought was small fibroids. Put that together and that’s what you can recipe for infertility. When I found out I was pregnant I found out I had a 16 cm fibroid sitting front and center on my uterus mind you there are 5 others causing issues with my pregnancy. 

At my churches healing crusade I was told that I would have a testimony that impacted our church, our nation and the world. I truly believe this is the start of it. So I’m gonna suck up my feelings and do myself to continue to grow this little human that God put inside of me. But really it’s God growing this human because no matter the prognosis little human is doing really really well 

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